About Us

We are a proudly South African Level One 135% B-BBEE educational publishing company specialising in publications and products for AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH literature, language, and media studies.

About Us

Handbooks & Study Guides ● Teacher’s Guides ● e-Answer Guides

WE SPECIALISE in the innovation, origination and creation of coherent, comprehensive and content-rich publications and products that raise standards of learning and teaching.

PUT TO THE TEST in private, public and home-school classrooms; our guides are PERFECT for classroom settings, group and independent learning, coursework revision, and exam preparation.

DESIGNED FOR LEARNERS AND TEACHERS, and aligned to the DBE and IEB Curricula, our user-friendly and visually engaging guides will equip you with the required resources to get the grade.

Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) for Learners and Teachers

Our publications and products are written and created by a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They are AMONG THE BEST Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) for Grade 8/9 (Foundation) to Grade 12 (AS Level) Afrikaans Literature & Media Studies (dramas, films, novels, poems, short stories) and English Literature Study (Shakespeare, poems, short stories).

Our publications and products are developed to facilitate individual learning styles. They comprise ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to guide your interpretation, understanding and appreciation of your prescribed works — making it easy, effective, and enjoyable to GET THE GRADE in your literature, language, and media studies. So GO AHEAD and GEAR UP!

Key Features ● Premium Publications for Literature Study

  • introduction to the prescribed genre and work
  • definitions of literary devices and terms
  • background information (for establishing context)
  • nutshell definitions (words, phrases, expressions)
  • concise summaries (genre-specific)
  • comprehensive analyses (genre-specific)
  • in-depth discussions (genre-specific)
  • practice questions (context, insight, paragraph, essay)
  • Bright Ideas for Classroom Peers® (exercises, assignments, activities)

Brand Names ● Slogans ● Registered Trademarks

  • Op-Let® (OPvoedkundige LETterkunde®)
  • Edu-Lit® (EDUcational LITerature®)
  • Blink Planne vir Klaskamerspanne®
  • Bright Ideas for Classroom Peers®